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Astronomy Planetarium Simulator

Hubble Astronomy Planetarium Simulator

Hubble-II 2nd generation astronomy software

Hubble-II is the 2nd generation of an astronomy software application which provides astronomical simulations in the same way as seen at a planetarium.  Hubble can display over 160,000 Stars and Deep Space Objects, along with over 3,500 Comets and Asteroids.
You can even extend those databases by adding your own objects.

With Hubble,  you can simulate viewing celestial bodies of past,  present  and future skies,  as seen from anywhere on Earth.

Hubble can also animate the motion of those Stars, DSOs, Planets and Comets as they move across the sky and orbit our Sun

5 different views of the sky are provided

♆ ♆ ♆
The Star Chart View shows the Universe of Stars, DSOs and Comets as seen in an Astronomy Handbook
♆ ♆ ♆
The Star Chart View shows the Universe of Stars, DSOs and Comets as seen in an Astronomy Handbook
♆ ♆ ♆
The Star Chart View shows the Universe of Stars, DSOs and Comets as seen in an Astronomy Handbook
♆ ♆ ♆
The Horizon View shows the sky as seen from your location, looking out at the horizon
♆ ♆ ♆
The Zenith View shows the sky as seen from your location, looking up at the sky directly overhead
♆ ♆ ♆
The Solar System View shows the Planets and Comets orbiting our Sun from above the Ecliptic Plane
♆ ♆ ♆
The Moon’s of Jupiter View shows the Jovian Moons as they orbit Jupiter

Telescope Mount Control is also provided in Hubble.
If you have a telescope that is controlled by the ASCOM Platform,  it can be pointed at any of the displayed celestial bodies with the simple click of a mouse!

The Hubble-II Planetarium Simulator is a great learning tool for anyone interested in astronomy,  as well as those who just marvel at viewing the night sky.

CLICK HERE to see just a few of the examples screen shots of the many things Hubble-II can do.
and CLICK HERE to see example animations of the simulations made possible by Hubble-II

Download an  MS-Windows  compatible version of Hubble-II

Download Button

Last Updated on 10/11/2020 4:58:04 AM UTC

Click Here to Unlock All the Extended Features of Hubble